TCC Investigators host “Forget Me Not: Community Based Alzheimer’s Education” at NMA

Dr. David Satcher and Dr. Glenda Wrenn joined a panel of other leading experts during the “Forget Me Not: Community Based Alzheimer’s Education” session at the National Medical Association’s 114th Annual Convention and Scientific Assembly on August 3, 2016.


“Forget Me Not” is an award-winning play by Garett Davis that has been performed around the country with a unique format that includes a panel discussion between acts to inform and engage

the audience in discussion about Alzheimer’s risk, diagnosis, treatment, and research with academic and community providers as well as patients and advocates.


The interactive community education session reviewed the predominant issues related to Alzheimer’s disparities; engaged the audience in an interactive experimental educational simulation to demonstrate the value of community based education efforts using this medium.

For more information on the Forget Me Not education session, please contact Dr. Glenda Wrenn at

Important Links:

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