2017 TCC Health Policy Summit Recap


On May 4, 2017, the Morehouse Transdisciplinary Collaborative Center (TCC) for Health Disparities hosted its 2nd annual Health Policy Research Summit. The Summit featured engaging speakers, a suspenseful Shark Tank competition, riveting policy forum, as well as informative poster presentations and breakout sessions. The discourse of this event was centered around the summit’s theme – This Is Health Equity: Leveraging Science to Inform Policy”.

Event Highlights

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Event Resources

Event Details:

May 4, 2017 | 9:00 AM

May 4, 2017 | 10:00 PM

Morehouse School of Medicine

720 Westview Dr SW



Zip Code

Organizer Details:

Jammie Hopkins




Morehouse School of Medicine
Atlanta, GA





This year’s summit featured two dynamic and engaging speakers, Ms. Shavon Arline-Bradley and Mr. Matthew Wesley Williams. These speakers delivered empowering lectures that addressed the systematic causes of health disparities and inequities in the United States.

Keynote Speaker: Shavon Arline-Bradley, MPH, MDiv
Health Advocate

Title of Talk: The Roof is On Fire: Science Fueling the Health Equity Revolution

Description: In this talk, Shavon elucidated the systemic causes of public health disparities from a historical context. She highlighted the role of science as a pivotal tool in achieving health equity and addressed the researchers’ responsibility to influence policy changes through the dissemination of their scholarly work.

Guest Speaker: Matthew Wesley Williams, MDiv
VP of Strategic Initiatives Forum for Theological Exploration

Title of Talk: A Survivor’s Story

Description: In July 2014 Matthew Wesley Williams was diagnosed with stage 4 adenoid cystic carcinoma. In this talk, Matthew shared the compelling story of the healing journey that started with that devastating news. He explored some of the ethical, historical, and systemic issues related to health equity, derived from his learning journey toward becoming a thriving survivor.

Opening Remarks:
Kisha Holden, PhD, MSCR
TCC Principal Investigator

Reflections on Summit Theme:
David Satcher, MD, PhD
Founder and Senior Advisor, SHLI
16th Surgeon General of the United States

Activity Break!: Giwayen Mata Dance Ensemble
Giwayen Mata website: www.giwayenmata.org



The Shark Tank competition featured four contestants from diverse academic and community backgrounds. After deliberation from the judges, two candidates were selected to receive dissemination funding in the amount of $7,500.00.

Shark Tank Pitches:

Linda Ellis
The Health Initiative

Danielle Brooks
Bridges LLC

Seokwon Jin
Clark Atlanta University

Torrian Baskerville

Shark Tank Winners:

Seokwon Jin, PhD, MSW, MA
Clark Atlanta University (Atlanta, GA)
Project Title: “Social Media-Based Dissemination of Health Information for Promoting Breast Cancer Screening among Underserved Korean American Women”

Linda Ellis
The Health Initiative: Georgia’s Voice for LGBTQ Health (Atlanta, GA)
Project Title: “The Georgia LGBTQ Health Collaborative”
Website: thehealthinitiative.org




Abstracts from innovative research projects and approaches were solicited and presented at TCC Summit 2017. A poster competition was held during the networking lunch period of the Summit. After deliberation, two poster presentation winners were selected.

Poster Presentation Winners:

Clinton Boyd, PhD (c)
Georgia State University
Poster Title: “No Longer Invisible: Qualitative findings from a father-specific, evidence-based child maltreatment prevention program called SafeCare Dad to Kids” (Dad2K)

Phyllis Tarver, Associate ECE, CPS
Poster Title: “Lyrics on My Mind Recovery Dialogue Groups”


This year’s summit featured engaging breakout sessions facilitated by TCC investigators and collaborative partners. Attendees were provided the opportunity to select from a diverse array of innovative topics and participate in interactive sessions.

Breakout Session 1

Session Title: Strategic Partnership—A Critical Foundation for Health Policy Leadership Training & Advancing Health Equity

Description: In this interactive workshop, participants discussed the role of strategic partnerships in advancing health equity. Participants gathered in work groups to strategize ways to enhance partnerships within their own organizations. Taking an intentional approach to strategic partnership is core to the mission of the Satcher Health Leadership Institute. This session shared our approach and provided opportunities to engage with participants to cultivate strategic partners in the quest to reduce disparities and advance health equity.

Breakout Session 2

Session Title:
Advancing Quality Parenting in Response to Children’s Critical Needs: SSC Parent Leaders as Change Agents

Description: This presentation described the evolution of the Smart & Secure Children (SSC) quality parenting leadership program. It included presentations by two parents who have participated in the SSC program as Parent Peer Learners and went on to become Parent Leaders and Parent Mentors. Key findings from recent implementations of SSC with our 13 CACE state partners were highlighted. The presentation closed with a brief discussion of efforts to advance the evidentiary support for the continued development and sustainability of SSC.

Breakout Session 3

Session Title:
Creating Stories for People, Not Products

Description: The digital landscape is clogged and audiences have access to as much information as content producers aka storytellers. But there are those who are head and shoulders above the pack. Why and how does this happen? This session brought to light the most important element of all storytelling/marketing – the human element. Although imitation is the best form of flattery, it simply isn’t good enough to like what someone else is doing and then do the same thing. Attendees gained insight on the basic tools needed to align themselves with the audiences they seek to engage.

Breakout Session 4

Session Title:
Cultural Sensitivity in Integrated Care Settings

Description: This session provided an interactive and informative discourse centered around the key features of culturally competent, integrated behavioral health in primary care.

Breakout Session 5

Session Title:
TCC Pilot Project Program Showcase: A Multidisciplinary Approach to Community–Academic Partnerships to Explore New Domains of Community-based Participatory Research

Description: An oral presentation led by TCC Pilot Project Program Grantees. The session provided audience members the opportunity to engage in an interactive discussion on research development, project implementation, methodologies, lessons learned, challenges, successes and how to inform health policy through innovative research and scientific evidence focused on eliminating health disparities and achieving health equity.

Breakout Session 6

Session Title:
Introducing a Framework for Integrating Health Equity into Learning Health Systems

Description: While there have been gains in overall quality of healthcare, racial and ethnic disparities in health outcomes continue to persist in the U.S. The Learning Health System (LHS) has the potential to significantly improve healthcare quality through the use of patient-centered design, data analytics and continuous improvement. To ensure that health disparities are also being addressed, targeted approaches must be employed. This session introduced a practical framework to incorporate health equity into a developing LHS. The audience participated in an open dialogue on disseminating and implementing the framework within communities and health care systems.

Breakout Session 7

Session Title:
HELLO MY NAME IS….Leveraging Social Media in Research and Policy

Description: Social Media has emerged as a powerful platform for engaging diverse populations and disseminating information. Is it possible for your research to “go viral?” This interactive workshop illustrated the effective use of social media as a vehicle for describing research and showcasing important discoveries and findings. Attendees learned basic social media terminology and functions, explored pros and cons for each major social media platform, and designed a mock social media campaign.


Policy Hot Topics Forum: Health Equity at the Crossroads

The culminating activity of the Summit was our highly anticipated Health Policy Hot Topics Forum titled “Health Equity at the Crossroads.” The forum panelists and moderator engaged the audience in powerful, and at times provocative, discourse on the current state of health equity, and the role science and discovery must play to advance health equity in the Southeast US.

  • Moderator: Daniel Dawes, JD
  • Panelists: Honorable Rep. Pat Gardner – GA House of Representatives;
    Shanell McGoy, PhD – TN Department of Health;
    Carmen Dickinson-Copeland; PhD – Morehouse School of Medicine



Following the Summit, guests enjoyed a spirited Networking Reception featuring posters and the inaugural Health Equity Champions Awards.