TCC Infrastructure Cores



TCC supports research using a multidisciplinary supportive core infrastructure and shared resources. The TCC cores (Administrative, Research, Implementation & Dissemination, and Evaluation) work collaboratively to ensure all TCC research, outreach, and evaluation activities are methodologically rigorous, aligned with the unifying theme of the TCC, and are sufficiently supported to achieve maximum impact.

Core Descriptions

The Administrative Core supervises and provides direction, leadership, and fiscal support to the individual subprojects and cores of the overall TCC. Admin Core maintain communication channels to ensure vital information is disseminated across the entire TCC and all deliverables are met with the highest degree of quality and fidelity.

Research Core is comprised of faculty experts who guide the principal investigators and pilot project grantees in study conceptualization and design, sampling, statistical analyses planning and methodologies to generate evidence to support policy decisions. The Research Core also provides technical support and consultation in data collection, database development, biostatistical analysis, mentored research training, and assistance with developing independently funded research and/or demonstration projects to sustain policy research efforts.

Implementation and Dissemination Core (IDC) identifies and organizes the subprojects’ activities in order to promote the utilization of the each project’s research findings and the widest dissemination of knowledge translation. The IDC will operate in two directions in two directions: 1) towards the project activities in order to enhance the potential of the projects to reduce or eliminate health disparities; and 2) towards the notification of the research findings to the academic, community, health and human service settings within the target region.

The Evaluation Core is designed to assess and monitor TCC processes and outcomes by sharing technology and resources with TCC partners to collaboratively design, implement, evaluate, and disseminate innovative transdisciplinary health policy research programs. It provides technical assistance and guidance in evaluation planning and implementation of sub-projects, assesses the health policy innovations of pilot projects, and monitors the implementation and dissemination of a regional model for health policy research supported and guided by local and national leaders in both public health and policy.



Research & Outreach Activities

TCC Cores Spotlight

Investigators and Project Staff

Hopkins headshot
Jammie Hopkins, DrPH, MS
Project Director
Phone: 404-756-8923
Divine Offoegbu
Divine Offoegbu, DrPH, MPH
Associate Project Director
Phone: 404-752-1933
Glendale Manning headshot
Glendale Manning, BA
Finance Administrator
Kylihia Fair
Finance Assistant
Mayberry headshot
Robert Mayberry, PhD, MPH
Research Core Director
Pamela Daniels, PhD, MBA, MPH
Alula Hadgu, PhD
Senior Biostatistician
Mohammed Mubasher, MA, PhD
Senior Biostatistician
Fengxia Yan headshot
Fengxia Yan, MD, MS
Mayberry headshot
Robert Mayberry, PhD, MPH
Core Director
Robina Josiah Willock headshot
Robina Josiah Willock, PhD, MPH
Research Methodologist/Health Services Researcher
Pamela Daniels, PhD, MBA, MPH
Akintobi headshot
Tabia Henry Akintobi, PhD, MPH
Evaluation Core Director
Latrice Rollins headshot
Latrice Rollins, PhD, MSW
Lead Evaluator
Tiffany Zellner
Tiffany Zellner, MPH
Research Assistant
Tandeca King Gordon (1)
Tandeca King-Gordon
Program Manager


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