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Pilot Project Grantee

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Rachel Patzer, PhD, MPH

Assistant Professor | Departmentof Surgery | Emory University School of Medicine | Atlanta, GA
Pilot Project: Community based participatory research to reduce health disparities in kidney transplant
Her pilot study aims to evaluate the ability of the Georgia Transplant Foundation (GTF Mentor Program to impact racial disparities in kidney transplantation (KTx) access in GA and to develop a peer mentoring “toolkit” of materials to increase the sustainability and scalability of a peer mentoring program throughout the Southeast region. These pilot data will be crucial to establishing feasibility of expanding the RaDIANT (Reducing Disparities In Access to kidNey Transplantation) Community study throughout the Southeast. In addition, if effective, peer mentoring programs could be implemented across the region and nation to improve access to KTx for African American End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) patients.


Dr. Patzer is an Assistant Professor in the Departmentof Surgery at Emory School of Medicine in Atlanta, GA. Her research interests focus on focus on health disparities in access to solid organ transplantation.