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Pilot Project Grantee

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Melba R. Moore, MS, CHPA

Acting Director and Commissioner of Health | City of St. Louis | St. Louis, MO
Pilot Project: St. Louis Smart and Secure Children Adaptation
The goal of her pilot project is to replicate and adapt the Smart and Secure Children (SSC) quality parenting program in an effort to address childhood obesity in St. Louis. STLCACE will develop 2 “ tribes” of parent mentors, leaders, and peer learners—a tribe of fathers and a tribe of mothers—recruited to participate in 12 weekly sessions of SSC and healthy and active living education aimed at reducing childhood obesity and improving social and emotional health among children aged 0-5 years.


Melba Moore is the Acting Director and Commissioner of Health for the City of St. Louis. She is currently a member of the TCC Collaborative Action on Child Equity (CACE) representing the state of Missouri.