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Pilot Project Grantee

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Gail Piggott, MEd

Executive Director | Alabama Partnership for Children | Montgomery, AL
Pilot Project: Smart and Secure Children Adaptation in Alabama
The goal of her pilot project is to replicate the Smart and Secure Children (SSC) program and compare its impact in two counties (rural, urban) in Alabama.


Ms. Piggott is Executive Director of Alabama Partnership for Children (APC) in Montgomery, AL. The Alabama Partnership for Children (APC) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization created to develop, design and implement a unified approach for improving outcomes of children from birth to age five in Alabama. She is currently a member of the TCC Collaborative Action on Child Equity (CACE) representing the state of Alabama.


Gail earned a B.S. and Master’s degrees from Auburn University and comes to the Partnership with almost 30 years of experience in education, non-profit, government, early care and education, and working with businesses. Most recently, she was at Alabama Department of Human Resources, coordinating the Quality Initiatives in the Child Day Care Partnership; and prior to that she led an initiative in east Alabama through which business, government, education, and others collaborate to support child care and early learning. Gail has successful experience in educational and non-profit administration and brings energy, commitment, and leadership to the agency.