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Pilot Project Grantee

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Clintonia Simmons, MBA

President | Healthy Kids and Teens | Memphis, TN
Pilot Project: Smart and Secure Children/Camp Get Fit Adaptation
The goal of her pilot project is to expand its Camp Get Fit (CGF) program in collaboration with Smart and Secure Children, (SSC) at four targeted locations in Memphis Tennessee utilizing quality parenting as an intervention for mitigating childhood obesity and mental health inequities targeting African Americans, Hispanic, and other populations. CGF combined with SSC is poised to drive a health equity culture, and empower parents to be the first teachers and influencers of their children.


Clintonia Simmons is President of Healthy Kids & Teens, Inc. (HKT) based in Memphis, TN. HKT is a female minority owned small business with a vision to help educate, motivate, and assist America’s youth in living healthier lives. Ms. Simmons is currently a member of the TCC Collaborative Action on Child Equity (CACE) representing the state of Tennessee.