An SSC Parent Mentor Success Story: Mr. Thomas Clem Jr.


“The best way to get funding is to be prepared to receive it,” so believes Thomas Clem Jr., a Parent Mentor for the the Smart and Secure Children’s (SSC) program.  Mr. Clem has applied for funding from a variety of sources to include mini-grants, seed grants and community grants and had until recently had limited success. But he remained resolute feeling like the negative responses would at some point turned positive. Recently, Mr. Clem was invited to speak at a Smart and Secure Children (SSC) Program event having been affiliated with SSC for four years as a parent mentor and ambassador. During this event, he shared information about his chess program working with inner city youth to teach critical thinking skills and life lessons.  Mr. Clem also shared his personal testimony about how SSC helped him reposition himself to be the type of parent and community parent leader he was capable of being.  



The net result of this experience was that Mr. Clem and his Metro Atlanta Chess Partner’s program received $10,000 in funding from an attendee at this event which will provide important support for this eight week program.  Mr. Clem continues to be a champion for parents, children and SSC. Visit the Metro Atlanta Chess Partners Facebook page for more information on Mr. Clem’s transformative work:


For More Information on the Smart & Secure Children (SSC) Quality Parenting Program, please contact Ms. Aneeqah Ferguson at


Important Links:

Chess Partners Facebook Page

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“Forget Me Not” is an award-winning play by Garett Davis that has been performed around the country with a unique format that includes a panel discussion between acts to inform and engage

the audience in discussion about Alzheimer’s risk, diagnosis, treatment, and research with academic and community providers as well as patients and advocates.


The interactive community education session reviewed the predominant issues related to Alzheimer’s disparities; engaged the audience in an interactive experimental educational simulation to demonstrate the value of community based education efforts using this medium.


For more information on the Forget Me Not education session, please contact Dr. Glenda Wrenn at


Important Links:


Forget Me Not homepage

NMA Schedule (Session description on pg. 35)

TCC Project THRIVE Website

SHLI Website


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